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My latest book is now available to pre-order on Amazon. The publication date is 25th May 2016.

Delegate 2 Elevate


If you would like to read the 1st chapter of ‘Delegate 2 Elevate’, please register below to enable the download,

“This is a great book for the newly self-employed person and anyone that is experiencing the growing pains of owning and running a business”

Ash Lawrence

“Delegate to Elevate - 7 Steps to Success for a Sole Trader' is an invaluable go-to guide for any sole trader or small business owner. The strategies and tips are easy-to-follow and clearly written, with exercises and motivating stories throughout. We should all have a well-thumbed copy of this book in our office or on our bookshelf. Whether you read it cover-to-cover, or just in segments, read it nonetheless and follow the 7 steps to Success!”

Lisa Wolfe, Dream, Empower, Succeed

“If you want simple strategies to take your business to the next level, or if you are stressed and need direction this is a great read - a simple step by step formula.”

Mrs K Madgwick

“This is a must read book if your struggling to move your business forward because your spending all your time working in your business rather than building your business. Sally explains it in a language that is both simple to understand and yet engages the reader in understanding the processes required to take your business to the next level. How apt is it that the cover of the book depicts the epitome of what a lot of business owners must feel like when they try to do everything in their business. Thank you Sally for writing such a great book. I'm look forward to reading your next book. !”

Mr M Ponman

“This book is ideal for anyone who is thinking of starting, or has recently started, their own business. It is packed with simple but essential guidance as to how to navigate those first months and years of your very first business venture. I only wish that it had been available to me 2 years ago. So long as you follow the recommended steps carefully you are bound to gain significantly. Priced at only a few quid it is not to be overlooked”

Amazon Customer

“What a fantastic book! The 7 steps to success are very practical and this is a must read book for anyone thinking of going into business or who is already 'doing' it, but is not getting the results they are looking for. It is easy to read, with practical exercises to ensure a business owner gains great value from reading it. I will certainly be recommending it to my business owner clients”

Liz Almond

“Superb book for all businesses. This book tells you how to go about getting the lifestyle and business you want. No Jargon, just plain talking advice, set out in small bite size chunks and in a logical fashion. Read this book and you will look at your business goals again with renewed vigour. I highly recommend this book for all people thinking about starting a business especially”

Kathy Horn

“It is lonely when starting and running your own small business, I wish I had read Delegate to Elevated when I first started in business. It is essential reading for all who want to suceed in their business! Seven diamond steps to success! ”

Maureen Johnson

“Brilliant and simple to follow tips and advice, essential if you are a little way into your self employed journey and feel overwhelmed with all the realities of being a business owner. Free up your time and make it enjoyable! Really great book! Thanks, Sally!”

Miss W

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Delegate to Elevate is a 7 step programme to show sole traders how to move their business to the next level. If you are currently working on your own, feeling overwhelmed and trying to do everything yourself then this workshop is for you. You will learn how to free up your time, grow your business and increase your profits. We will be looking at your vision, your goals how to delegate, how to...

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